Tiny Living – The next phase for Full-Time, Part-Time, Some-Time Living! 

Join us as a featured “Cedar Tiny Village” by using our proven model to convert or develop tiny living at your establishment. We will show you how to decrease your vacant spaces and increase your revenue! 

Fast-track your efforts to become a part of the continually growing Tiny Movement… We are already known by thousands of tiny home enthusiasts as offering premier tiny living. Let’s make your location known, too! 

cedar springs tiny living village partnership

To become a featured “Cedar Tiny Village” means taking our knowledge, our expertise, our momentum, and fast-tracking your own future tiny community with the use of our brand.

Incorporating our logo icon, trade practices, marketing platform, sales team and support staff, your community can utilize suggested site pricing, recommended marketing channels, and referrals within our builder group – all key for a successful launch and sustained growth.

To get started, we will do an assessment to determine if your location has suitable potential.

The assessment will include: 

1. Your Location – we are initially looking to establish 1-2 locations per state, with no more than 1 tiny village per 75 mile radius.

2. Your Property  – including current amenities and/or amenities you would be willing to add for tiny home living (see list of “Minimum Standards”). Also a review of current use and proposed use along with your plan to develop a separate designated area exclusively for tiny living. 

3. Your Management – We need to have at least one individual that we can support as an on-site liaison. 

There is a $2,500 assessment fee for the on-site visit. 

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“Cedar Tiny Village” Minimum Standards

– Separate designated area exclusively for tiny home residents (can be near RV sites, but not part of).

– Utility connections to include 50 amp electric pedestal (metered), internet/cable, water & sewer (sewer in pad).

– Sites developed to include gravel pads (for tiny), gravel parking (next to tiny), 6′ x 8′ stamped concrete patios.

– Signage to include approved logo / colors. 

Once your property is accepted, we will require a license agreement along with a $7,500 license fee. 

After the license agreement is signed, property improvements can be installed in phases to accommodate sales. We recommend starting with 5 sites, with the ability to add groups of 5+ sites as necessary, until the designated area for tiny home living is fully developed.

(The initial number of sites and additions within each phase will also depend on whether the resort hosts their own tiny homes available for rental).

As property improvements begin, we will launch your location on our marketing platform to begin promoting and accept lot reservations in advance. 

We advise to host your “Open House” tour upon the completion of Phase 1, featuring model tiny homes. Property owners are recommended to purchase a 1-3 model homes to be used for short-term rental and/or sales – available at affiliate pricing from our partners at Maverick Tiny Homes

Projected Annual Revenue*

Site Rental Income = $60,394

Tiny Rental Proceeds = $51,300

Tiny Home Sales = $18,750

partnership community cedar tiny village

Operating Fees

One-Time Assessment = $2,500

One-Time License Fee = $7,500

Marketing Platform, Sales Team, and Support Staff = 10% of Site / Tiny Rents

Site Rental (12 tiny sites at $466/month minus 10% license fee)

Tiny Rents (3 tiny homes w/100 room night per year average at $190 ea. night minus 10% license fee)

Tiny Sales (5 tiny home referrals per year, average $75K each w/5% Maverick Tiny Homes affiliate program)

*Revenue Calculations based on recommended 15 sites